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This is the companion site for Eclipse 3.0 Kick Start, a book about the open-source IDE known as Eclipse and how to use plug-ins to extend Eclipse to make it a highly-productive Java development environment. This site serves as a clearinghouse for addendum and corrections to the Eclipse Kick Start book as well as a source of additional resource for Eclipse information and plug-ins. Using Eclipse should be a productive experience whether it is through the use of out-of-the-box Eclipse or with the addition of plug-ins to deliver extended functionality.

Over the coming weeks this site will encompass many aspects of Eclipse development: tips, techniques, uesful plug-ins and plug-in development techniques.

What's New

Check out the Goodies section! There are areas of interest to regular users of Eclipse as well as plug-in developers. First, there is a tutorial on how to implement a Cheat Sheets plug-in followed by a selection of keyboard shortcuts for those with a low mouse-threshhold.

From the Publisher

Eclipse Kick Start focuses on the practical uses of Eclipse, particularly creating plug-ins, tools that extend the Eclipse platform with added functionality developers need to build best-of-breed Java applications. Starting with an overview of the IDE's features and interface, the authors include examples of building applications, testing, sharing code, and more. They then discuss the variety of pre-written plug-ins that developers can use to build Web services, develop Struts applications, create UML diagrams, and develop Aspect-oriented programs, all within Eclipse. Later chapters cover the plug-in architecture and building new plug-ins for implementing new functions and adding help to applications.

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Code Examples From The Book

Almost every chapter in Eclipse Kick Start has an example on how to perform certain tasks in Eclipse. The code to the example can be downloaded here. Every example has the full source code in Eclipse workspace format.

Examples Included in

Chapter 1 - Using the Eclipse Workbench

Chapter 2 - Writing and Running a Java Application

Chapter 3 - Debugging

Chapter 4 - Refactoring

Chapter 5 - Writing GUIs in Eclipse

Chapter 6 - High-Grade Testing Using JUnit

Chapter 9 - J2EE And the MyEclipse Plug-in

Chapter 11 - Struts Development Using MyEclipse

Chapter 12 - UML Using OMONDO

Chapter 13 - The Eclipse Plug-in Architecture

Chapter 14 - Writing a Trivial (And Not So Trivial) Plug-in

Chapter 15 - Implementing a Help Plug-in

Appendix C - Running Ant Tasks from Within Eclipse

Appendix D - Useful Editors