The book about Java development using Eclipse.
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Chapter Updates

Also, for those of you looking for Web services information related to Eclipse please check out the Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project. It promises to bring to Eclipse support for web-based J2EE technologies including editors, data validators, web services, EJBs and more. In addition, the IBM developerWorks site has a tutorial on using the current version of the Web Tools Project using Eclipse 3.0.

Introduction to the Errata List

It is a rare technical book that does not have some corrections that need to be made after publication and a book about upcoming software only more so. You can download the official errata document from Sams Publishing or you can peruse the latest discoveries by selecting the errata link next to the desired chapter.

Table of Contents

Part 1 - The Eclipse Java Development Environment
Chapter 1 - Using The Eclipse Workbench (errata)
Chapter 2 - Writing and Running a Java Application (errata)
Chapter 3 - Debugging (errata) | (sample)
Chapter 4 - Refactoring (errata)
Chapter 5 - Writing GUIs in Eclipse (errata)
Chapter 6 - High-Grade Testing Using JUnit (errata) | (sample)
Chapter 7 - Painless Code Sharing Using Team Support (errata) | (sample)
Part 2 - Developing Applications Using Plug-Ins
Chapter 8 - Finding, Installing, and Using Plug-Ins (errata)
Chapter 9 - J2EE and the MyEclipse Plug-In (errata)
Chapter 10 - Developing Web Services Using the IBM Web Services Software Developer Toolkit (errata)
Chapter 11 - Struts Development Using MyEclipse (errata) | (sample)
Chapter 12 - UML Using OMONDO (errata)
Part 3 - Extending Eclipse
Chapter 13 - The Eclipse Plug-In Architecture (errata)
Chapter 14 - Writing a Trivial (and Not So Trivial) Plug-In (errata)
Chapter 15 - Implementing a Help Plug-In (errata)
Part 4 - Appendices
A - Navigating Through Eclipse Help (errata)
B - Setting Up and Running a Local CVS Server
C - Running Ant Tasks from Within Eclipse (errata)
D - Useful Editors (errata)
E - Recommended Resources